At Broadway Guitar Services we are keen to work with you to get your instrument back into prime playing condition and back out on the road. We’ve a large stock of spares, tone woods and even preloved spares if your budget is tight!

Restring – £15
In gauge and brand of your choice

Basic Setup – £65*
Get your instrument playing to its full potential

  • Adjust truss-rod/set relief
  • Set nut action
  • Set saddle action
  • Intonate
  • Polish frets
  • Carnauba wax polish of body and condition of fretboard

Premium Setup – £95*
As basic setup but includes fretwork

  • Fret level, crown and polish

Acoustic Setup – £85*
Acoustic guitars are rarely delivered with satisfactory action, especially at the nut, quickly turn your acoustic into a pleasure to play

  • Adjust truss-rod/set relief
  • Full fretwork as Premium Setup
  • Nut and saddle adjustments

*provide your own strings or chose from premium brands including Ernie Ball, D’Addario and Rotosound.

Full Refret – £140
Remove and replace all frets

  • Stainless steel frets +£35
  • Bound or maple fretboard +£10
  • Hemispherical fret end dressing +£25

n.b, to be followed by Basic Setup

Partial Refret – £8 per fret
As Premium Setup plus £8 per fret

Nut Replacement – from £25
Fabricate replacement nut in bone, graphite, etc.

Repairs are undertaken on a quotation basis at a standard labour rate of £40ph + parts. The price we quote you is the price you will pay – we won’t increase the price after quotation.

With the right tools and experience, issues like broken necks are often cheaper to repair than you might think so get in touch…

Copyright © Broadway Guitar Services 2023

Copyright © Broadway Guitar Services 2023